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October 6, 2012
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HS: Trolls - Lowblood by Tripower HS: Trolls - Lowblood by Tripower
Homestuck - Trolls Lowblood

Background 100% handmade! Some comment for each troll:

Aradia: she is special for me, after all, my sign is Aries XD
Her background was not the most difficult one, but I enjoyed drawing her, especially her hair (she really has lovely hair) :)
Tavros: he was fun to draw, but his wheelchair not. I liked his planet and the windmill behind.
Sollux: he is cool, really we can't deny it, but his planet is creepy (ewww) Really! I was making a face while I was drawing his background. But he is still cool!
Karkat: ...ah Karkat, I love his haircut. It's quite the style I love to draw in general, so he was quite easy to draw, even is background was not so difficult.
Nepeta: she is cute :3 moewww I appreciated drawing her clothes and helmet.
Kanaya: dear Kanaya, you will be one of my favorite forever...but you were also the most difficult to draw...I had to redo you at least 3 times!!! But I really love her planet, simple but it has its own charm. The only problem was the black sky...that's why her frame is white, otherwise, you would have seen nothing.

The others will arrive when I finish the last 4 trolls (soon I hope)

Homestuck belong to Andrew Hussie

Look at the others!
Beta Kids - God Tier version…
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This is really great! I love how Kanaya's is white while everyone else's is black. It's kinda like her diurnal tendencies and the fact that she is a rainbow drinker, she's much more in tune witht the light than the light player. (At least, that was my first impression. You kinda ruined me by saying it was for practicality. U.U)
Tripower Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ha ha ha well it was part of practicality I thought after about this reason for the background.
In fact I really wanted to do it black, and when I realized that it was Kanaya I say that in fact the white will fir her better
Also, I meant to say, that I love how Sollux is double! It's great!
YuRiMiKkI Jun 7, 2013  Student Artist
Your sign is Aries.

My sign is Aries too.

...can I have a high five? OwO
Tripower Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
HIGH FIVE Aries compatriot!! XD
YuRiMiKkI Jun 8, 2013  Student Artist

wheres the highbloods
Tripower Apr 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Haven't finished them yet (poor them, I really wish to finish them, but I don't have time anymore :(( )
I'll try my best, I already did Terezi and Vriska, I'm on Equius, and there are Gamzee, Eridan and Feferi left
I can't what to see them.Lolz.
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